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MIH 452 BL

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The glass ceramic cooktop MIH 452 BL with three induction heating zones is impressive at first sight. Cooking your favorite dishes is much easier thanks to the convenient and intuitive control of all functions. No additional effort is required when pressing the touch-sensitive keys. Each touch is accompanied by an audible signal. The power of the induction burners can be precisely adjusted.

You can cook multiple dishes simultaneously on different burners, even using large cookware. The presence of a combined heating zone expands the capabilities of the induction cooktop. Non-standard cookware can be placed closely together, turning two independent heating zones into one large area. This is especially useful for large pots that occupy two burners at once.

For quick heating or boiling water, you can use the Boost function. In this mode, the selected burner operates at increased power for 5 minutes. For safety, there is an automatic shut-off function in case of overheating, and a smart sensor to detect the presence of cookware on the surface.


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