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MEH 451 BL

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The Best Compromise Between Functionality and Size
With 3 heating zones, the MEH 451 BL model offers a minimalist design that suits any modern kitchen without compromising functionality. The burner sizes are designed to accommodate cookware of various diameters and volumes.
This model uses the reliable Hi-Light heating element, known for its dependability. Thanks to the touch-sensitive control panel, you can operate the device with a single touch. The built-in timer helps you precisely monitor cooking and program it to turn off at the desired time.
Safety features are easy to use and provide peace of mind:
The cooktop lock button prevents accidental activation or deactivation.
The residual heat indicator warns you that the surface is hot, helping prevent accidental burns.
Overheat protection activates as soon as the appliance reaches maximum temperature limits.
The device automatically shuts off in case liquid spills onto the surface.
The panel is made from black Kanger brand borosilicate glass. This material not only ensures safety and durability but also adds a stylish touch to the appliance.



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