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MIH 602 BL

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The black MIH 602 BL induction cooktop with a glass ceramic surface stands out for its quality and ease of use. All structural elements are made from reliable and environmentally friendly materials, which positively impact its overall lifespan. Convenient control of all available functions is achieved through touch-sensitive buttons, and each press is accompanied by an audible signal. and each press is accompanied by an audible signal.

The main feature of the cooktop is the use of modern induction technology. It heats the bottom of the cookware, not the surface around it. This method significantly reduces cooking time, thanks to the direct heating of the cookware itself. Additionally, it greatly saves energy and simplifies maintenance.

There are a total of four heating zones that can be combined using the Comby zone option Comby zone. This allows you to place non-standard cookware of any size in close proximity to each other. The Boost function Boost provides the ability to temporarily increase the power of the selected burner when needed. Energy supply and disconnection are instantaneous.



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