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For Large Kitchens and Families.
The most powerful model in the MILLEN brand’s electric cooktop lineup features five heating zones and non-standard dimensions for installation, making it ideal for spacious kitchens and large families.
The appliance comes equipped with four single-circuit burners with a diameter of 16.5 cm each and one triple-circuit burner that allows you to adjust the heating zone according to the diameter of the cookware being used.
Safety and Ease of Use
Using the Hi Light heating element does not require the purchase of special, adapted cookware.
The brand offers users the option to choose their preferred control method:
Touch control, which requires two presses to turn on and select the power level.
Slider control, allowing you to select the desired mode/heating power with a single touch.
The Stop & Go function is convenient if you need to pause cooking for a while while preserving the initial settings. You’ll also appreciate the built-in timer, which allows you to set the precise cooking time and not have to monitor the process.
Several safety features ensure your peace of mind with this model:
The panel lock button prevents accidental presses from turning the heating on or off;
The residual heat indicator protects against burns and keeps prepared dishes warm for a while;
In case of overheating of the heating elements, a special protection system is triggered, and the device is automatically turned off. A similar automatic protection is provided in case of liquid spillover onto the surface.
The frameless panel is made of black borosilicate glass from the SCHOTT CERAN brand, giving the appliance a stylish appearance and excellent practical characteristics.



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