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MEH 601 BL

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Modern Classic with All the Essentials
The MEH 601 BL cooktop is a modern classic with standard installation dimensions. It uses the traditional Hi-Light heating element for cooking.
This model is equipped with 4 burners, with two adapted for cookware with a diameter of up to 16.5 cm, and two designed for larger cookware with a diameter of 20 cm.
The touch-sensitive controls offer users numerous advantages: speed and ease of use, compactness, durability, and cleanliness.
A lock button ensures safety against accidental activation or deactivation of the device. To lock/unlock the control panel, simply press and hold it for three seconds. A continuously glowing red light indicates that the device is locked.
Additional safety options are provided by the manufacturer. After turning off the panel, a red signal from the residual heat indicator will alert you that the surface is still hot, helping you avoid accidental contact with the burners. Residual heat can be conveniently used to finish cooking or keep a dish warm.
The overheat protection feature automatically turns off the heating element if it reaches an extreme temperature. The burner also turns off when liquid boils over onto the ceramic surface.
A timer allows you to program the exact cooking time. High-quality components and materials have been used in its manufacturing, including borosilicate glass from the SCHOTT CERAN brand, which boasts excellent heat conduction and durability.
With its sleek black color, this cooktop seamlessly integrates into any modern interior while offering all the essential features for a safe and efficient cooking experience.



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