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MIH 302 BL

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The modern MIH 302 BL induction cooktop features compact dimensions and user-friendliness. Thanks to its aesthetic design, the appliance will seamlessly integrate into any interior and become your primary cooking assistant. High-quality materials are used in the production of all structural elements, contributing to the overall durability of the cooktop.

One interesting feature of this model is the presence of a combined zone designed for cooking in non-standard cookware. You can place multiple pots or pans even close to each other. Two independent heating zones can easily be combined into a single area, significantly expanding the cooktop’s functionality.

Induction heating technology is a highly efficient and safe method of cooking your favorite dishes. Heat is generated directly in the cookware and does not spread across the cooking surface, which speeds up the cooking process and saves energy. For safety purposes, the cooktop is equipped with overheating protection and cookware recognition sensors. The induction cooker will automatically switch off if water boils over onto the cooking surface.


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