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MEO 6001 IX

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The stainless steel oven MEO 6001 IX with a convection mode is equipped with a powerful fan located on the rear wall of the inner chamber. Thanks to this structural solution, there is continuous air circulation in the working area. This allows for even cooking of any dish and eliminates the likelihood of food burning during the cooking process.
Intuitively understandable control of all functions is carried out through mechanical recessed handles. This not only simplifies cleaning but also prevents accidental changes in settings. You can adjust the temperature and selected operating mode at any time. The presence of interior lighting allows you to check the readiness of the dish without opening the door each time and carefully monitor the entire process.
Combined heating programs with convection ensure even distribution of hot air streams inside the working chamber. There are separate programs for defrosting semi-finished products, a lower heating function to keep food warm, and upper heating to create a golden crust at the final stage of cooking.



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