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MEO 6005 BL

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The multifunctional convection oven MEO 6005 BL will become the most frequently used appliance in your kitchen. Interacting with the device is extremely convenient thanks to its intuitive control. Switching between modes and adjusting the temperature is done through user-friendly mechanical switches that are flush with the panel. The informative LED display will show you how much time is left until the cooking is complete.
The main feature of this device is the presence of the FRYART mode. Using the special baking tray that comes with it, you can cook food with minimal oil. The perforated surface ensures rapid circulation of air currents, making the dish crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. For other modes, you can use the standard baking tray or the grill rack.
A wide range of programs allows you to easily defrost products, maintain temperature, grill, and use the special FRYART mode with bottom heating for pizza. All structural elements are made from premium and environmentally friendly materials, which positively affects the lifespan of both the oven itself and the included accessories.



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