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MEO 6004 WH

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The white MEO 6004 WH convection oven is equipped with a powerful fan located on the back wall of the inner chamber. This structural solution allows for even circulation of hot air within the working area, eliminating the possibility of dishes burning during cooking.
The unique Fly to Fry technology allows you to fry food with reduced amounts of oil. In this mode, you can achieve perfectly crispy french fries, pizza, and other dishes. The presence of additional programs for defrosting semi-finished products, grilling options, reheating, and traditional heating significantly simplifies the cooking process, making the appliance a versatile kitchen assistant. The package includes all the necessary accessories, including a grill rack, two baking trays, and telescopic guides.
Control is achieved through convenient recessed switches on the body. You can adjust the temperature and mode at any time. The working chamber is illuminated, providing the ability to monitor the cooking process without the need to open the oven door.

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