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MEO 6004 IX

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The electric convection oven MEO 6004 IX with a built-in fan and an informative LED display will become the main assistant in any kitchen. Its stylish design will complement any designer interior. All construction elements are made of high-strength and environmentally friendly materials, significantly extending the operational life and enhancing safety.
All functions are easy to control through convenient switches that are fully recessed into the body. This design allows you not to worry about accidentally changing the settings during cooking and simplifies cleaning. A wide range of available programs provides the opportunity to bring any culinary fantasy to life.
The unique Fly to Fry mode, for which there is a special perforated baking tray included in the package, will be especially helpful in this regard. This technology allows you to cook food without adding a large amount of oil, making it less greasy. You can also use it for drying or preserving vegetables, fruits, and meat. Thanks to the continuous circulation of air currents inside the working area, all dishes are evenly cooked and do not burn at the edges.



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