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MEO 6004 BL

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The electric oven MEO 6004 BL, with its stylish design, will seamlessly blend into the interior of any modern kitchen and serve as an excellent addition to an exclusive designer solution. This multifunctional device is designed for convenient cooking of your favorite dishes with maximum efficiency. Simple control is achieved through recessed mechanical switches. All information about the selected modes is displayed on a well-readable LED display, visible under any lighting conditions.
The presence of convection allows you to cook any dishes without worrying about them burning at the edges. The effective operation of this mode is ensured by a powerful fan. Continuous air circulation inside the working chamber ensures even browning to a golden crust. In addition to traditional cooking modes, there are options for defrosting, grilling, and reheating.
The unique Fly to Fry technology allows you to cook food with less oil or without special baking paper. It’s an ideal solution for pizza or french fries. The package includes a special perforated tray designed for drying or dehydrating vegetables, fruits, and meat.



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