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MEO 6003 WH

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The white MEO 6003 WH oven with convection mode allows you to create culinary masterpieces. Thanks to the built-in fan, air continuously circulates inside the working chamber, allowing you to bake dishes to a golden crust without the risk of burning around the edges. There are special programs for defrosting semi-finished products and reheating pre-cooked meals.
Intuitively simple control of the device is implemented with two rotating switches. They are fully recessed into the body, which makes it convenient to clean the surface and eliminates the possibility of accidentally changing the set parameters during cooking. There is workspace lighting that operates in any mode, allowing you to monitor the entire cooking process without the need to constantly open the door.
The package includes a deep enameled tray, which is convenient for roasting meat and baking delicious pastries. Additional telescopic guides make it easy to access the tray. The unique Fly to Fry technology provides an additional source of heat in convection mode, allowing you to bake any dishes to a golden crust.



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