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MEO 6003 IX

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The electric oven MEO 6003 IX will be an excellent functional addition to any modern kitchen. The device is equipped with a set of all necessary programs that allow you to prepare any culinary masterpiece without artificial limitations. Millen cares about the environment and the safety of its customers, so high-quality and environmentally friendly premium materials were used in the production.
Simple control of all functions is implemented through two rotating switches that are flush with the body. This prevents the accidental change of set parameters and simplifies cleaning. You can adjust the temperature and selected operating mode at any time. Bright interior lighting allows you to check the readiness of the dish without having to open the door each time.
The effective operation of the convection mode is ensured by the built-in fan. Hot air flows continuously circulate inside the working chamber, creating optimal conditions for cooking dishes of any complexity. Users have access to many programs, including options for defrosting, reheating food, traditional heating, and a combined mode with convection.

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