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MEO 6003 BB

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The stylish black MEO 6003 BB oven will be the perfect functional addition to a modern designer kitchen. The mechanical handles for selecting temperature and operating modes blend seamlessly into the body, making the device an excellent choice for creating a dark-toned interior. All structural elements are made from reliable and environmentally friendly materials, which positively impacts the longevity of the appliance.
The presence of convection makes cooking dishes of any complexity much easier. The built-in fan ensures continuous air circulation inside the working chamber. Thanks to this, you can forget about unevenly cooked or burnt food around the edges. You can conveniently observe the cooking process with the built-in lamp, which illuminates the entire working area.
All the necessary accessories for cooking a variety of dishes are already included. The deep enameled tray is convenient for baking pastries, while the grill allows you to cook juicy meat. Users have access to numerous programs, which can be used to defrost products, keep food warm, and prepare a wide range of culinary delights, impressing friends and family.



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