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MEO 6002 WH

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The modern white oven MEO 6002 WH will become the most frequently used appliance in your kitchen. Its stylish design will complement any designer interior. Control is implemented through convenient touch buttons and two mechanical knobs recessed into the housing. An informative LED display allows you to monitor all the necessary information about the selected mode.
You can choose from several programs, set the optimal temperature, and adjust the cooking time. The oven is equipped with a special fan located on the rear wall of the working chamber. It is responsible for the efficiency of convection, ensuring continuous circulation of air inside. This allows for even baking of dishes of any complexity until they have a golden crust.
During the defrosting process, the products inside are blown with room temperature air, without the need for additional heating. Users have access to several programs, including maintaining the temperature for already cooked food, traditional or separate heating of the upper and lower elements. The grill option in various variations allows you to prepare delicious and juicy meat on the included grill.



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