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MEO 6002 BL

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The black oven MEO 6002 BL is equipped with everything you need for comfortable cooking of your favorite dishes. Thanks to its stylish design, this appliance will seamlessly blend into the interior of any modern kitchen. Its long service life is guaranteed by the use of high-strength and environmentally friendly materials in production.
The control panel features recessed knobs for selecting cooking modes and temperature. The switches are fully embedded in the housing, eliminating any chance of accidentally changing the initially set settings. You can adjust the temperature and the selected program at any time. The package includes an enameled baking tray and a grill rack.
Tracking the cooking time is easy with the built-in LED display located in the center of the control panel. Quick adjustments to the parameters can be made using four touch-sensitive buttons at the bottom of the display. Users have access to a variety of cooking programs, including standard mode, upper and lower heating, and large or small grilling. Efficient convection is ensured by a powerful fan. Continuous circulation of hot air allows for even baking of any dish.



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