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MEO 6002 BB

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The premium and environmentally friendly materials used in the MEO 6002 BV oven offer all the necessary features for comfortable cooking of dishes of any complexity. Its stylish design perfectly complements the interior of any modern kitchen. The power cable with grounding significantly reduces the risk of electric shock during sudden voltage spikes or in the event of an unexpected malfunction, making the device’s operation exceptionally safe.
All control elements are located above the oven door, which is equipped with double-strength glass. Temperature adjustment and the selection of cooking programs are done through fully recessed mechanical switches. This simplifies surface cleaning and completely eliminates accidental changes to the initially set parameters.
Monitoring the cooking process is convenient, thanks to the interior lighting and the built-in LED display on the control panel. There are numerous cooking programs available. You have the option to individually activate the lower, upper, or all heating elements simultaneously. The efficient operation of convection is ensured by a powerful fan, providing continuous air circulation in the chamber.



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