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MEO 6001 WH

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The white oven MEO 6001 WH will be an excellent functional addition to any kitchen design solution. The appliance is equipped with all the necessary programs that allow you to prepare dishes of any complexity with ease. Premium-class, environmentally friendly, and reliable materials were used in its production because Millen cares about the environment and the safety of its customers.
The user-friendly controls are intuitive and do not require careful study of the manual. All operating modes, temperature adjustments, and timer settings are made through special recessed switches. This design simplifies the cleaning of the oven’s surface and eliminates the possibility of accidentally changing the set parameters. There are separate programs for defrosting, lower and upper heating options.
The presence of a convection mode allows you to cook familiar dishes with a completely different flavor. The efficient operation of this mode is ensured by a fan that can operate in multiple modes. It provides continuous air circulation inside the chamber, positively impacting the cooking process and preventing food from burning.



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